Definition of brontok virus

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Definition of brontok virus

Some days ago, most of the “Computer Users” were worried about the one dangerous Computer Virus which was “Brontok Virus” in their Computer. “Brontok Virus” is a dangerous “Computer Virus” to all over the World in the Computer. Sometimes, “Brontok Virus” is called “Y2K or Milenium2K or You and Me”. Because of the Name of this “Brontok Virus”, some “Computer Users” felt exited about it and Download it to their Computer. Originally, they had called the “Brontok Virus” in their Computer. Not only one Country, all over the World “Computer Users” did this mistake and attacked by this “Computer Virus” in their Computer.

Characteristics of brontok virus


Definition of brontok virus

a) Dangerous computer virus

“Brontok Virus” is a very dangerous “Computer Virus” for your Computer. It can damage your important “Computer Files” from your Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

b) Call in different names
Sometimes, “Brontok Virus” is called in different Names.


For example- “Brontok Virus” is called Y2K or Milenium2K or You and Me or File Eater etc.


c) Attack your Computer to download

You “Download” different types of “Computer Files” from the Internet. You know that, “Computer Virus” is one kind of Software. When, you “Download” the “Brontok Virus” from the “Internet”, that tome, it will attack to your Computer. Usually, “Computer Users” do this mistake in their Computer. So, they fall in a problem in their Computer.

d) Can not detect old anti virus updates

Usually, “Old Version” of “Anti Virus Updates” can not Detect the “Brontok Virus” in your Computer. If your “Computer Anti Virus Software” is not updated by you perfectly, that time, your “Computer Anti Virus Software” will not catch this “Brontok Virus” in your Computer.

e) Enter to your computer from internet

Usually, “Brontok Virus” enters to your Computer from the “Internet”. Specially, “Brontok Virus” can enter to your “Main System Folder. Then, “Brontok Virus” will damage in your Computer.

f) Create clone viruses

After entering the “Brontok Virus” in your Computer, “Brontok Virus” will create more than thousand copies within some Hours. “Brontok Virus” works as a “Clone Virus”.

g) Affect your computer slowly

Sometimes, “Brontok Virus” can affect to your Computer slowly. Then, you will get some Symptoms of “Brontok Virus” in your Computer.

h) Damages of computer files

“Brontok Virus” can damage your Computer System Files. Then, your Computer can not Run perfectly. “Brontok Virus” can damages your Computer File’s some part or full part in your Computer.

i) Damages of anti virus software

You use Anti Virus Software to protect your Computer. “Brontok Virus” can damage your “Computer Anti Virus Software” in your Computer.

j) Spread to your computer easily

“Brontok Virus” can spread to your Computer very easily within a short time in your Computer.

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a) Use trusted Websites to ignore “Brontok Virus” to enter in your Computer.

b) Use latest “Anti Virus Software Updates” to protect your Computer from “Brontok Virus”.

In this way, you can understand about Definition of Brontok Virus in your Computer.

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