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Definition of computer softwareComputer Software consists of the non tangible elements of computers which is called Computer Programs. Computer Software is mainly used to Connect and Control with Computer Hardware. Then, Computer Software helps to Run the “Physical Tangible Elements” of Computer. Computer Softwares are used to Execute the whole “Physical Tangible Elements” of a Computer. Computer Hardware and Software require each other for running the Computer perfectly. Without Computer Software a Computer can not run perfectly. This is like a life of Computer Software to run effectively and efficiently.

Works of computer software


Definition of computer software

1. Operating system run

Operating System is one kind Computer Software. Usually, you use the Operating System to run your Computer. For example- Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, Unix etc.

2. Motherboard software run
Your Motherboard Software runs the below work.

a. Create sound to audio speaker

After Installing a New Windows Operating System, that time, there is no Sound to your Computer Speaker. After Installing the Sound or Audio Software, your Computer will get the Sound from Motherboard Disk.

b. Create monitor display screen resolution and color

After Installing a New Windows Operating System, that time, there is no monitor display Screen Resolution and Color to your Computer Monitor Device. After Installing the VGA Software, your Computer will get the Monitor Screen Resolution and Color from Motherboard Disk.

c. Create network connection

You use the Computer Internet Connection in your Computer. Sometimes, you create the Computer Network Connection from using your Computer. Computer Internet and Networking depends on the Motherboard Disk Software.

d. Plug and play devices

Plug and play devices means after inserting a Hardware Device to your Computer, it will be connected with your Computer automatically. It is controlled by Motherboard Disk Software.

3. Create official documents

You want to do your Official Work with Computer. For this reasons, you can use the Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Adobe Reader (PDF Files) for your Official Work.

4. Watch video and listen audio

Sometimes, you Watch the Video Movies and Songs in your Computer Monitor. Then, you can also Listen Audio Songs or Music in your Computer Speaker.

5. Create graphics design work

Sometimes, you want to create Graphics Design in your Computer. For this work, you can use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Express, Corel Draw etc. for your Graphics Design work.

6. Create video and audio editing work

Sometimes, you want to create video and audio editing work in your Computer. For this work, you can use Ulead Video Studio, Movie Factory, Canopus Edius, Adobe Premier etc. for your Graphics Design work.

7. Print documents

Sometimes, you can Print your important Documents from the “Computer Printer” device. Specially, “Printing Document” is a compulsory work in the Office. Most of the Documents should be Printed in your Office.

8. Scanning documents

Sometimes, you need to Scan your Documents from the “Scanner” device of the Computer. Scan Documents is like a Original Document. Scan a Document is easy work to do in your Computer.

9. Sound recording

You can Record any Sound to your Computer. You can Create a New Sound and Record in your Computer. Sometimes, you can Record a New Sound with the “Microphone” device of your Computer.

10. Website design and development

You can create a New Internet Website for your Own or Your Company. Then, you can Design and Development of that Website in the Internet. For this work, Macromedia Dreamweaver can help you for HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) work.

11. Convert video and audio

You can convert any Video and Audio for your Computer. Sometimes, you can use those Converted Video and Audio for using your Mobile Device. Xilisoft or other Softwares can help you to Convert video and audio in your Computer.

12. Internet browsing, searching and download

You Browse different Website in everyday. Sometimes, you Search many Informations from the Internet. You can also Download Documents from the Internet easily. You can do these Browsing, Searching and Download work with the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Internet Browser Software.

13. Prevent computer virus

Sometimes, Computer Virus enter to your Computer and damage your important Files and Folders. You can prevent the Computer Virus to enter to your Computer with the “Anti Virus Software” in your Computer.

In this way, you can understand about Definition of Computer Software and its works for Computer Hardware Devices in your Computer.

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