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Information technology and internetInformation Technology and Internet are attached to each other directly in our life. Now, the era is the “Information Technology”. You can communicate from one Computer to another computer through the Internet. Internet is like a Bridge to Communicate all over the World within a short time. Then, Internet is the main part to use the Information Technology in our life. One Computer is connected to another Computer to make a better communication all over the World people. Without connection of one Computer to another Computer, it will not be possible to communicate all over the World Information Technology and Internet.

Why will you use Information technology and internet


Information technology and internet

a) Flowing of information

Internet plays a vital role to flow the Information to all over the World. Any people get the Information by using the Internet. They can swim this “Information Sea” by using the internet with the Information Technology.

b) Internet depends on computer networking system

You know that, Internet depends on the Computer Networking System directly. Use of Computer to all the people, Internet is growing very much. This will help to get a better Future for our life with the Information Technology.

c) Increasing use of computer internet

You know that, “Computer User” is the main part to use a Computer. “Computer User” is increasing day by day. Then, “Internet User” is also increasing day by day. Internet is also growing day by day with the Information Technology.

d) Spreading information

Now, Internet Information is spreading all over the World. You can collect any Information form the Internet. Collecting Information is very easy to use the Internet with the Information Technology.

e) Coming better future

With the use of Internet, you will get a better Future for your life. Your Future is developing day by day with the help of the Internet with Information Technology.

f) Connecting many computers at a time

From a Survey, there are 200 Million Computers are connected with the Computer at a time all over the World through Internet. To the Next 5 Years, it will be increased which you can not imagine. This situation is developing through Internet with Information Technology.

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g) Creating internet communication

Information technology and internet

People are communicating to each other for their work through the Internet. Internet is creating Internet Communication very easy for us. You can communicate to any person all over the World any time through Internet with Information Technology.

h) All computers will be connected with internet

In the near Future, you will see that, all the Computers will be connected with Internet. You will not get any Computer which has not the Internet Connection. It is now very common matter to connect one Computer to another Computer through Internet with Information Technology.

i) Increasing attachment with internet

People are attaching Internet day by day. They are attaching like an Addict with the Internet. Without Internet, you can not do most of the work of yours. Internet Attachment depends on the Internet with Information Technology.

j) Connecting all over the world

You can all over the World within a short time through the Internet Connection easily. You can connect any people who are living another location or Country; this is not a big matter to Connect with them through Internet with Information Technology.

k) Transferring information

You can Transfer any kind of Documents, Information to the other place. It is very easy to Transfer any Information within a short time. Anyone can do this through Internet with Information Technology.

l) Getting entertainment

You can get different types of Entertainment from the Internet. You can Play Internet Games, Watch Movies, Listen Songs etc. You can get all the Entertainment things totally free through Internet with Information Technology.

In this way, you can understand about Information Technology and Internet.

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