Internet and mobile technology

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Internet and mobile technology

Mobile Phone is the best creation of the Technology. Internet is also a best creation of the Technology. Internet and Mobile Phone both are very important part for our Modern life. They are much more attached to each other. You can not imagine anything without thinking of Internet and Mobile Phone for your Daily work. Internet and Mobile Phone are connected directly to each other. Most of the work depends on the Internet and Mobile Phone for getting the better service from the Technology. You should use Internet and Mobile Phone to get a better experience from your life.

Reasons to use internet and mobile technology


Internet and mobile technology

a) Transferring media all over the world

We know that, Internet is the media to transfer Data from one Computer to another Computer. To do this work, it connects with the wire to the each and every Computer. But, Mobile Phone has no wire. So, how can you transfer Data from a Mobile Phone? You can be connected with your Mobile Phone and Computer to get connection to each other and connect the world’s other places Computer without Mobile Phone wire through Internet.

b) Use mobile phone network

You stay any where in the World, there is no problem to use the Internet, if there is the “Mobile Network Connection” in your Mobile Phone. You can connect from your Mobile Phone directly or connect with your Laptop Computer to use the Internet.

c) Mobile phone capacity

Usually, most of the people do not know that, Mobile Phone has many powers. A netter quality Mobile phone has different types of facilities, from which most of the facilities are unknown to the people. For this reason, you can not use all facilities to use the Internet from your most expensive Mobile Phone.

d) Developing life style

In the past time, when the Mobile Phone was invented, that time, talking with others without any wire was a amazing situation for them. No one think that, one day people will use the Internet through the Mobile Phone. But, people are getting much more than before because of the Science and Technology by using Mobile Phone with Internet.

e) Transferring date facility

Mobile Phone is a complete Electronic Device which has Data Send and Receive facility. It may be speech, audio, video, image, text etc. You can connect the Internet with these items from your Mobile Phone. You can do these works very quickly by using your Mobile Phone.

f) Watching television

You can watch the Television Programs from your Mobile Phone. You can also watch the Live Programs from your Mobile Phone by using Internet.

g) Getting internet to near place

In the current time, you are getting the Internet to your near place easily by using the Mobile Phone at any places in your area or location.

h) GPRS mobile phone

You need a Mobile Phone which has a GPRS facility and a Internet Connection in your Mobile Phone to enter to the Internet. You can enter to the Internet easily with GPRS Mobile Phone.

i) Decreasing the distance

In the past time, when Internet was invented, that time, people get Internet Connection to one Computer to another with the wire Connection. Now, people are using the Internet through the Mobile Phone without any wire. Distance is not a big matter to get Internet Connection through Mobile Phone. From the long distance, you can send and receive any information with the Internet Connection through Mobile Phone.

j) Using internet to mobile internet network coverage available area

If, your Computer or Laptop and Mobile Phone has a Internet Connection, then, you do not need anything. With these two Devices, you can get the Internet Connection where is Mobile Network Coverage is available area.

k) Video and audio conferencing

You can do the Video and audio conferencing with the Internet Connection through Mobile Phone. It is very easy to do with the Internet Connection through Mobile Phone.

l) Watching television programs

Now, you can watch the “Television Channel Programs” with the Internet Connection through Mobile Phone. You will get all Television Channels in your Mobile Phone.

m) Increasing the use of mobile phone

The use of Mobile Phone is increasing day by day in our life. Usually, people only talk to each other with their expensive Mobile Phone. But, Internet Connection facility is available in their Mobile Phone. If they want to use this Internet Connection from their Mobile Phone, they can use it easily without any problem.

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1. Computer and Mobile Phone User

2. Computer

3. Mobile Phone with Internet Option facility

4. Mobile Phone SIM Card

5. Stay in Mobile Phone Network Coverage Area

6. Activate “Internet Connection Service” in your Mobile Phone from “Mobile Internet Network Service Provider Company”

7. Use Mobile Phone supported Internet Application Software



a) Always stay in Mobile Network Coverage Area.

b) Use the best “Internet Connection Service” in your Mobile Phone from “Mobile Internet Network Service Provider Company” in your Area or Location.

In this way, you can understand Internet and Mobile Technology are playing a vital role for our life.

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