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Risks of computer virusComputer Virus is very dangerous for your Computer. You can not identify the Computer Virus with the “Microscope Device” as like the “Human Body Parts Decease”. Because, Computer Virus is one kind of Software Program of the Computer. Usually, Computer Virus is made by the “Mental Person” who is “Mentally Ill”. Sometimes, “Computer Anti Virus Creator Company” hires the “Computer Virus Creator Persons” to create the “New Computer Virus” and sell their “Computer Anti Virus Software” to the “Computer Users”. “Computer Users” has no alternative option without buying that “Computer Anti Virus Software” to protect their Computer from those Computer Viruses. You can not ignore the Risks of computer viruses in your Computer.

Risks of computer virus


Risks of computer virus

a. Do more than dangerous disease

From the beginning, I am telling that, Computer Virus is not a Dangerous Disease which is infected to the Human Body Parts. Sometimes, Computer Virus is more than Dangerous Virus which is infected to the Human Body Parts.

b. Destroy documents and files

Computer Virus can destroy your important all documents and files in front of your eyes instantly. Computer Virus can destroy a part or full part of your Computer Documents or Files from your Computer.

c. Create hardware damages

Some Computer Viruses can damage your Computer Hardware Parts” from the “Computer Hardware”. This Computer Virus damages can be with your Computer Motherboard, Processor, Random Access Memory (RAM), Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Power Supply etc.

d. Helping to spread other virus

Usually, you can see that, one Virus decrease helps to spread to other Virus to the Human Body Parts. Something like that, Computer Virus is also helps to spread other Computer Virus in your Computer Hard Disk Drive (HDD). You can not do anything in this time.

e. No long lasting

It is very easy to Run the Computer with Computer Software after buying “Computer Hardware Parts” from the Computer Shop. But, keeping better position to these “Computer Hardware Parts” to the long time, it is not easy for you. These works are not depends on updating New Hardware and Software” for your Computer.

f. Afraid to use computer by user

Currently, most of the “Computer User” is very afraid to use the Computer, because of the Computer Virus problem in their Computer. That’s why; they do not like to use the Computer because of the Computer Virus.

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g. Threat for the company computers

Usually, a Company has different types of Computer Documents and Files in their Computer. Computer Virus can damage all the Computer Documents and Files from their Computer at a time. So, a Company can fall in a problem because of the Computer Virus.

h. Create another computer virus

Usually, you know that, Computer Virus is one kind of “Software Program” of the Computer. But, Computer Virus also can create another “New Computer Virus” to destroy your Computer Documents and Files.

i. Create one to many computer virus automatically

Sometimes, some Computer Viruses can create one to many numbers of their existences in your Computer within a short time.

j. Hampering your computer work

Usually, Computer Virus is created for hampering your Computer work. For this reason, you can not do your Computer work perfectly.

k. Infection of data

Sometimes, Computer Virus can Infect your Computer’s Important Data. So, you can not Open those Computer Data from your Computer. This Computer Infection will spread to all the Computer Data in your Computer.

l. Spread virus from server computer to others

If your “Server Computer” is infected by the Computer Virus, that time, that Computer Virus will spread to the other Computers which are Connected with the “Server Computer” within a short time.

m. Opening ports which could allow hackers to access your PC

Usually, “Computer Hackers” do the “Hack” the Computers. Computer Virus can Open ports which could allow hackers to access your PC to Damage your Computer Data.

n. Steal your personal details

Sometimes, “Computer Hackers” do the “Hack” to get your “Personal Details” or “Credit Card Number” from your Computer. Then, they “Hack” your “Credit Card” and “Steal Money”.

In this way, you can understand about Risks of Computer Virus for your Computer.

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