brontok virus

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From the last Article “Definition of Brontok Virus”, you got information about “Definition of Brontok Virus, Characteristics of Brontok Virus and Tips” for being conscious to this “Computer Virus” in your Computer. You know that, “Brontok Virus” is very dangerous for your Computer. “Brontok Virus” can damage to your Computer important “Computer Files” and “Computer […]


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Some days ago, most of the “Computer Users” were worried about the one dangerous “Computer Virus” which was “Brontok Virus” in their Computer. “Brontok Virus” is a dangerous “Computer Virus” to all over the World in the Computer. Sometimes, “Brontok Virus” is called “Y2K or Milenium2K or You and Me”. Because of the Name of […]