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The “Computer Virus” is a very dangerous “Program” or “Software” for your Computer. Usually, there are many types of ways to enter the “Computer Virus” in your Computer. Then, “Computer Virus” damages your full Computer. Generally, “Computer Virus” use some common media to enter in your Computer such as “Browsing Internet, Download Computer Virus Infected […]


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You know that, Computer Virus is a dangerous Softwares or Programs which can damages your Computer. Computer Viruses are made for damaging your Computer. Most of the Computer Virus damage your important Documents, Files and Folders in your Computer. Some Computer Virus are made for the theft of your Personal Information such as Your Credit […]


Definition of computer Virus

November 9, 2013 Computer Virus
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The “Computer Virus” is a buzzword in the new era. “Computer Virus” does not mean any diseases. Mainly, “Computer Virus” is a “Computer Program” or “Computer Software” which are made by people to damage the Computer. People can be infected by many kinds of “Virus Diseases” which are known or unknown to them. Like that, […]

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