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Types of network topologyIn a simple word, Different Computer and Peripheral Device both of them attachments to each other in a Computer Network are called Network Topology”. The Network Topology is the geometric arrangement of a computer system. Usually, Computer Network create depends on the “Network Topology” of a Computer Network. You can create “Network Topology” for getting the better performance from your Computer Network. You can create the “Network Topology” in your specific area or location without any problem. You can create it very easily.

Types of network topology


a) Bus topology

Types of network topology

In Bus Topology, each and every Computer and other Devices use a Common Path or Sharing a Cable. That means, each and every Computer use the same Cable to do Data Send and Receive from each other. A Bus Topology has a single main line. All Computers on the Network are attached with this single main line. Bus Topology usually uses “Coaxial Cable”. Bus Topology has several disadvantages such as limited cable length and a limited number of hosts. Another disadvantage to a Bus Topology is that, if a failure on the main cable which affects every host on the Computer Network.

b) Ring topology

Types of network topology

In Ring Topology, the Computer and other Devices Computer Network Connected with a structure which looks like a “Ring”. One important thing is that, Bus Topology and Ring Topology do not need any “Computer Network Hub” to be connected to each other to do Computer Network. A Ring Topology has a Central Ring of Cable. All hosts on the network connect with the Central Ring of Cable. Each host is connected to exactly two other hosts in a Ring Topology. The flow of traffic in a Ring Topology goes in a “Single Direction”. Here, each node on the network handling each packet then passes it off to the next node in the Ring. Similar to a “Bus Topology”, a failure in the Ring affects every host on the Network. The Ring Topology has an advantage which is the ability to connect computers and share data without purchasing costly servers.

c) Star topology

Types of network topology

In Star Topology, the Computer and other Devices Computer Network connected with a “Computer Network Hub” to be connected to each other to do Computer Network. For this reason, your Computer Network Structure which looks like a “Star”. The main facility of Star Topology is dependency of Network. In this Star Topology, if other Devices are failed to Run in your Computer Network, that time, other good Computer and Devices will Run without “Computer Network Hub”. That means, other Computer and Devices will not depend on the “Computer Network Hub”. So, there is no way to be disconnected from your Computer Network.

d) Full mesh topology

Types of network topology

A Full Mesh Topology is a very unfailing Network Topology. Because it is the redundancy built into it. However, even though a Full Mesh Topology is highly reliable. It is very difficult and expensive to implement, especially on networks that have many hosts. Full Mesh Topology might be appropriate for a small Network environment or location. But it would be more costly and difficult to maintain as the network grew in physical size and number of nodes on the Full Mesh Network Topology.

For example- Each host is connected to every other host on the network in a Full Mesh Network Topology. Reliability of this topology is greatly increased over other Topologies. Because, if even one segment or connection from a host to another host is down or unavailable, that time, another path should be available for data to travel.


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1. Computer User

2. Computer (Nodes)

3. Internet Twisted Cable

4. Connector

5. Computer Network Hub

6. Server Computer

7. Create any Network Topology (Bus Topology, Ring Topology, Star Topology, Full Mesh Topology)

8. Maintenance of your Network Topology



a) You should use the “Star Topology”. Because, “Star Topology” is very reliable and low cost Network Topology.

b) You should keep your Computer (Nodes) in a suitable to create a better Network Topology for your Computer and maintenance of your Network Topology easily.

In this way, you can understand Types of Network Topology in your Computer.

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