Download 802.11n driver for windows 7 64 bit For Free [2022]

802.11n driver for windows 7 64 bit

The most used wireless networking standard is 802.11n. The 802.11n standard, which replaced the 802.11g standard in 2009, is an upgrade. The 802.11n standard has a range of up to 100 meters and supports speeds up to 300Mbps. Additionally backward compatible with the 802.11g protocol is the 802.11n protocol.

The 802.11n driver for Windows 7 64 bit standard is widely used in home and small office wireless networks. The vast majority of wireless routers on the market today support the 802.11n standard. Many laptops and desktop computers also have 802.11n wireless adapters built in.

If your computer does not have 802.11n support built-in, you can easily add it by installing an 802.11n USB wireless adapter. In this article, we will show you how to download and install the 802.11n driver for Windows 7 64-bit.

Features of 802.11n driver for windows 7 64 bit

The 802.11n standard specifies several features that improve performance over prior 802.11 standards:

  • MIMO: To increase performance, MIMO uses multiple antennas at the transmitter and receiver. MIMO stands for multiple-input multiple-output. The 802.11n standard marked MIMO’s debut.
  • Channel bonding is a method that combines many channels to create a single, broader channel. The 802.11n standard served as the foundation for channel bonding.
  • In the 2.4 GHz range, 802.11n devices can operate on either 20 MHz or 40 MHz channels. 802.11n devices have a choice of 20, 40, or 80 MHz channels in the 5 GHz range.
  • Both the CSMA/CA and CSMA/CD media access control techniques are supported by 802.11n devices. Both DSSS and OFDM are options for 802.11n devices operating in the 2.4 GHz range. 802.11n devices can use DSSS, OFDM, or OFDMA in the 5 GHz range.
  • Access points (APs) and client devices are the two categories of devices that the 802.11n standard recognizes. APS can be used as independent units or integrated into other units, including routers. Client devices come in two varieties: independent and integrated. Laptops and smartphones are examples of standalone client devices.
  • Three different types of networks are described by the 802.11n standard: infrastructure, wireless, and mesh networks. APs are used by infrastructure networks to grant clients network access. In wireless networks, APs are not used. APs and client devices are used in mesh networks.

System Requirements of Installing 802.11n driver for windows 7 64 bit

802.11n driver for windows 7 64 bit system requirements:

  • A computer with a 64-bit processor
  • A 64-bit version of Windows 7
  • A wireless adapter that supports 802.11n
  • A driver that supports 802.11n
  • Enough free space on your hard drive to install the driver and any necessary files

How to Download and Install 802.11n driver for Windows 7 64 bit

If you’re using Windows 7 64-bit, you can download and install an 802.11n driver from our third-party website. Here’s how:

  1. Download the 802.11n driver for Windows 7 64-bit from our website.
  2. Unzip the file and run the setup program.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  4. Reboot your computer.
  5. Once your computer has restarted, open the Device Manager.
  6. Under the Network Adapters heading, you should see your 802.11n wireless adapter.
  7. Right-click on the adapter and select Properties.
  8. Click on the Driver tab and then click on Update Driver.
  9. Select Browse my computer for driver software.
  10. Click on Browse and navigate to the location of the unzipped driver file.
  11. Select the driver file and click on Open.
  12. Click on Next to install the driver.
  13. Reboot your computer once again.

Your 802.11n wireless adapter should now be working properly.


If you are looking for a way to download the 802.11n driver for Windows 7 64-bit, then this article is for you. This method is completely free and will work in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 802.11n driver for windows 7 64-bit for free?

Some manufacturers may offer a free driver for Windows 7 64-bit, while others may charge a fee. It is advisable to check with the manufacturer of the 802.11n driver to determine if there is a free version available.

Is the 802.11n driver for Windows 7 64-bit software safe?

The 802.11n driver for Windows 7 64 bit software is a safe and reliable driver that has been tested and verified by Microsoft. This driver is compatible with all versions of Windows 7 and is regularly updated by Microsoft to ensure compatibility with new hardware and software.

What is the 802.11n driver for Windows 7 64-bit used for?

The 802.11n driver for windows 7 64 bit is used for connecting to wireless networks. The driver provides support for 802.11n devices and enables them to connect to wireless networks. The driver also allows 802.11n devices to connect to older wireless networks that do not support 802.11n.



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